Remembering Our Mission

Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church is called to proclaim the gospel of Christ and the beliefs of Christian faith; to maintain the worship of God and to inspire in all persons a love for Christ and passion for his righteosness. We will do this by continuing to align ourselves and our worship service to accomplish this mission.

Mt. Nebo Missonary Baptist Church History

Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church began when the Holy Spirit lead a few baptized believers in Jesus Christ, with a thirst for continual knowledge in the preaching and teaching of God’s word, and fellowship with one another, to request that Rev. Walter Highbaugh be their Pastor. This request lead Rev. Highbaugh to talk with his Pastor Rev. J.D. Johnston, of the Metropolitan Baptist church, and the Moderator of the Central District, Rev. R.D. Leonard. A council was called, and a church was organized in 1922. That small body of believers became the Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church., and the first Pastor was Rev. Walter Highbaugh.

The charter members were Rev. and Mrs. George Williams, Bro. Reginal Dunlap (who was later ordained as Mt Nebo’s first Deacon), Bro. Arron Anderson, Sis. Betty Anderson, Sis. Mary Kinslow, Sis. Nettie Goodman, Sis Mary Farmer, Sis Mahalia Harris, Sis. Eva Robinson, Sis. Lutisha Dunlap, and Sis. Minnie Highbaugh.

Their beginnings were small, a lot and house, at 19th Lewis Street, which was purchased from Armin Graul. The faithful few gathered in this house and gave praises as they worshipped God.

In 1923, the church moved to an unfinished basement, at 2325 Hovey, and that became their place of worship. The congregation grew and souls were saved from the preaching of the word by a God sent preacher. Rev. Highbaugh passed from death unto light January 26, 1965. He had pastored forty-three years, and had completed the work God had called him to do. His absence left a void within the church family. God never closes a door without opening a window.

After much prayer, a pulpit committee was appointed, with the following members: Dea. Jessie Brandon, Dea. George Bryant, Sis. Rosetta Rogers (who was also the church secretary from 1922 through 1990), Sis. Maggie Dorsey and Sis Ada Clayton. They sought council from the Rev. J.T. Highbaugh, who was the moderator of the Central District. After much prayer, the Holy Spirit led the pulpit committee to choose Rev. Jack Perkins, and he was called to be the second Pastor of the Mt. Nebo MBC.

Rev. Perkins preached his first sermon as pastor on July 11, 1965. As he continued in his ministry, he saw the need to finish the basement, and as that task was completed, he envisioned a sanctuary, using the Basement church as the foundation. Building a Sanctuary required the memberships giving their tithes/offerings and sacrificial offerings. God provided Rev. Robinson, who was an Associate Minister under Rev. Highbaugh and Rev. Perkins, and Bro. and Sis. Maggie Dorsey to go the extra mile in their giving, which helped in acquiring the funds that were needed to build the Sanctuary.

Much of the labor was accomplished by Pastor Perkins and lay people, who mixed the mortar, and laid the blocks to complete each phase of the work. Rev. Perkins initiated the 1967 self-help church renovation for the completion of the basement church. Self-help had long been a belief of his, and he instilled it into the minds of the membership. His goal was to finish the basement first, and as time and money would allow, build a Sanctuary above it. Members and friends of Mt. Nebo like Rev. Gene Baker, Rev. Clayton, Deacon Donald Hudson, Trustee Napoleon Gude, Bro’s Alvin Hibbitt, Esau Robinson, and Walter Dorsey, Sr., greatly helped with this endeavor. Sister Elizabeth Taylor was the chairperson of the project. She and the ladies of the church furnished the meals and did whatever they could to assist.

Within eleven years, a Sanctuary was built above the Basement church. The Lord blessed Mt. Nebo to obtain pews from the Mt. Zion Baptist Church as it moved to its new church home. The rest of the furnishings within the sanctuary were made available to Mt. Nebo, free of charge, as long as the men would retrieve them.

The day had arrived when Mt Nebo could worship in the new Sanctuary. Oh what a happy event for the Pastor and this small family church, which had grown to thirty-forty five people worshipping on Sunday. In July of 1976, mother Minnie Highbaugh, the wife of Mt. Nebo’s first Pastor, was the first member to walk into the new Sanctuary. The verse of scripture that was read came for the Old Testament, “I am the Lord thy God, who has brought thee out.” It was a glorious celebration.

The church continued to be a light within the community, ministering and witnessing within the neighborhood. Mt Nebo also shared the building that God had blessed them to worship in with other church families, such as Mt. Calvary MBC and New Salem MBC, until the congregations were able to acquire a place of worship. Pastor Perkins would help young ministers in the ministry by inviting them to preach at Mt. Nebo. When Dea. Donald Hudson and family moved to California, he was called to the ministry, and was ordained. When the family returned to Indiana, Mt. Nebo was again their church home. Pastor Perkins readily accepted Rev. Donald Hudson in his new calling and they worked together as brethren in the ministry.

In March of 1993, a Baptistery was installed and one of the first converts to be baptized was Antionne Seawood. Others followed. The loan on the church building was paid off in 1994.

In December of 1996, Pastor Perkins’ health began to fail. When he was unable to perform his duties, the Associate Pastor, Rev. Donald Hudson, gave the assistance needed to keep the church moving. Since Rev. Donald Hudson’s health was also failing, he was led by the Holy Spirit to request assistance in the preaching of the Gospel.

He received the much needed help from many; but there was one minister that not only helped in the preaching, but also had a heart for the people of Mt. Nebo. That minister was the Rev. Hilton M. Hudson, from the Mt. Paran MBC.

On September 11, 1997, the Lord called Pastor Jack Perkins home to take his rest. Rev. Perkins had led Mt Nebo MBC for thirty-three years. His wife, Sister Elizabeth Perkins, was always at his side both in life and when he passed into eternal life. On October 6th, 2016 Mrs. Elizabeth Perkins was also called home to join her husband and their daughter, Judy, in God’s kingdom.

The small body of believers again went into prayer, and on November 22, 1997, the associate Pastor Donald Hudson, was called to be Mt. Nebo’s third Pastor. He was able to pastor the church for six months, and in that span of time, he was instrumental in making some needed repairs to the church building. His wife, Sister Betty Hudson, stood by his side and helped in any way she could. In addition to supporting Pastor Donald Hudson, she performed the duties of the church clerk.

On May 25, 1998, God called Pastor Donald Hudson home to take his heavenly rest. Mt. Nebo’s desire to remain that beacon of light in this neighborhood had been sorely tested. The sickness of the two under Shepherds, and their deaths within a few months of one another, had taken a toll on the attendance of the congregation. Some of the membership would fall by the wayside, but a Remnant remained, steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in the work of the Lord. Dea. Jerry Perkins, Chairman of the Deacon ministry, being led by the Holy Spirit, displayed his leadership abilities during this period of transition.

Mt. Nebo went into prayer while Rev. Hilton M. Hudson, the Central District minister on call, assumed the preaching responsibilities of Mt. Nebo. A pulpit committee was formed. Its members were Deacon Jerry Perkins, Sis. Elizabeth Perkins, Sis. Dorothy Sanders and Sis. Betty Hudson. The committee nominated Rev. Hilton M. Hudson to become Pastor of Mt Nebo.

On September 5, 1998 Rev. Hilton M. Hudson, was officially called to be Mt. Nebo’s fourth Pastor, and his Installation service was held on September 18, 1998. God had given Pastor Hilton Hudson an awesome task that he accepted readily. He immediately went to work on the necessary repairs to the church, and with the help of the Lord, the membership, and friends were able to renovate the Sanctuary. Much pray was offered up for the removal of a drug house that had established it roots next door to the house of worship. He prayed for help in the ministry and guidance to know how and when to move. You could often hear him say, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understand, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.”

The drug house was torn down, and replaced with a church parking lot. Praise the Lord! Rev. Mitchell Stevenson, was one of the first to come and join Mt. Nebo, then came Rev. Roosevelt Walker, Rev. Damon Scott and Rev. James O. Jackson II. Rev. Walker is continuing his ministry at a different location. God sent Pastor Hudson’s family and friends to Mt. Nebo which sparked a revival of the Spirit in the membership of the church. Work was completed in the Highbaugh-Perkins-Hudson Fellowship Hall. The Rosetta Newman library was added and additional renovations were done downstairs in the former basement church. Pastor Hudson showed leadership in reaching out to our neighbors by establishing a Friends and Neighbors Day. Inviting our neighborhood churches to join in our fellowship, knocking on doors, inviting all to come. He reached out to our members, encouraging each one to be committed to the cause of Jesus Christ. Support was given to the Community Revival at Douglas Park, which was also a successful endeavor.

For ten years Pastor Hudson’s goals were rebuilding the walls, preaching, teaching and working together in unity. Trusting in the Lord, and never forgetting to give God the glory, for any and all accomplishments, thanking God for the remnant, recognizing faithful service, and being thankful for the dedicated efforts of the few, that enabled him to carry on with the work God anointed his hands to do.

The following projects were completed:
2005-Begin an extension project that would benefit our seniors, but not only our church as a whole, but also the community at large.
2006- We were able to obtain the funds to build and renovate, praise the Lord!
2007- The Parking lot was landscaped, and property rezone.
2008- Mt. Nebo faced many challenges, at the January business meeting Pastor Hudson announced that his Pastorate would end on September 2008. His position was that he asked the Lord for ten years and the Lord granted his request. He would retire as Senior Pastor, but not to stop the work.

Accepting the announcement from Pastor Hudson, Dea. James O. Jackson Sr., chairman of the Deacon ministry, went into action. Pastor Hudson would become Pastor Emeritus Hudson, after a church vote. Prayer meetings were held, the membership was kept informed and the membership that came to the meeting was appointed as the Pulpit committee. The executive commit was chosen by those who were present at the meeting.

The executive committee, consisted of Dea. James O. Jackson, Chairman, Bro. Joe Ledell, Sis. Joyce Ledell, Sis. Betty Hudson, and Sis. Kenya McCoy. On June 21, 2008, after much prayer, review of guidelines, and deliberation, the candidates were presented to the church body, and a vote was taken for the next Senior Pastor, of the Mt. Nebo MBC. He was chosen with the help of the Holy Spirit, to carry the mantle, and continue to carry on with the work that the Lord has commanded his hands to do.

Pastor Emeritus and the building committee were still working on the extension was completed, with minor details to be accomplished. In April 2008, a team effort in the painting of the walls was accomplished, by dedicated church members. May 2008 most of the interior, with a few details, was completed. Mt. Nebo was blessed with an extension that complimented the church and it was dedicated on the 87th church anniversary, in September 2008.

The members of the building committee consisted of Rev. Hilton Hudson, Dea. James O. Jackson sr., Bro. Huerta Tribble, sis Brenda Stewart, Sis. Regina Sanders, and Sis Juanita Hudson. The final payment was made on March 9, 2009.

In addition to the dedication of the extension Rev. James O. Jackson was installed as Mt. Nebo’s fifth Pastor. He brought with him his lovely wife Sister Adrienne Jackson, and three children…. Emmai George, James O. Jackson, and Adrienne E. Jackson. He was a man that loved the Lord, and he brought to the Pastorate a zeal for knowledge, a teachable Spirit, and an open heart. He had a purpose to Seek God, Unit with others, and Serve the world.

In 2009 the prior Fellowship Hall was transformed into a decorative place for the Youth ministry/Children of the Light. The Youth ministry has been an active part of Pastor Jackson’s ministry. The following years brought about new ideas and streamline equipment. A website was established, and Mt. Nebo’s news and events were on the Internet. Sis. Adrienne Jackson, working beside Pastor Jackson, became the administrative clerk taking on many responsibilities including making tapes of the morning service for distribution to the membership, updating the Website, ensuring that the obligations of the church were met.

On November 30, 2010, Pastor Emeritus Hudson, passed from death unto eternal life. Mt. Nebo again had lost a warrior on the battlefield. His absence left a void within the hearts of many in this church family. Pastor Jackson’s presence and leadership abilities were ever present. Mt. Nebo continued to press toward the mark of the high calling in Jesus Christ. Pastor Jackson gained needed Ministerial help when Rev. Elvis Netterville joined the Mt. Nebo congregation.

Pastor Jackson extended himself in continuing study and graduated in May 12, 2012 with a Master of divinity and Masters of Arts in Psychotherapy and faith. He also served as a First Lieutenant/Chaplin in the Army, and continued with his full time position. His many responsibilities led him the crucial decision to resign as Senior Pastor of Mt. Nebo MBC.

Again Deacon Jackson, as Chairman of the Deacon board, announced business meetings that would be held in the upcoming weeks. The congregation was notified in advance, and the meeting to appoint the Pulpit committee was held. The committee members were Dea. James O. Jackson, Rev. Elvis Netterville, Dea. Tyrone Morgan, Sis. Brenda Stewart, and Sis. Juanita Hudson.

Rev. Damon L. Scott was called from his ministry to Mt Nebo and named Interim Pastor by Rev. Jackson and Deacon Jackson. The Pulpit committee continued setting guidelines and responsibilities as they began their search for a new Pastor. After much prayer and screening, five candidates, which included Interim Pastor Scott, had been chosen to come before the congregation.

Rev. Scott demonstrated a zeal for the Lord, a love for the people, and a feeling at being home, once again. He was accepted readily by the Mt. Nebo congregation. After much prayer and discussion, the Pulpit committee decided to bring Interim Pastor Scott to the members of the church to decide if they were pleased enough with him to halt its search and accept him as the sixth Senior Pastor of Mt. Nebo MBC. The church membership voted overwhelmingly that Interim Pastor Damon L. Scott would be its sixth Senior Pastor. In February 2013, he was installed as Pastor. He brought with him his lovely wife Sister Katrina Scott and their son Damon Scott. Pastor Scott challenged Mt. Nebo to learn more about our Lord, the times in which we live, and to join with others to accomplish community, educational and spiritual goals. To this end Pastor Scott convened Mt. Nebo’s first Eschatology seminar and successfully held Evangelism seminars and a three day revival at the church. Pastor Scott has renewed Mt. Nebo’s outreach programs by sponsoring fund raisers for the Boys and Girls clubs of Indianapolis, and organizing a Mt. Nebo Basketball team to benefit the Homeless in Indianapolis. Those efforts raised over $600. In 2014, the church, led by Pastor Scott, began to taking the word of the Lord to the streets of Indianapolis. Tracks were created to share the word of the Lord with all who will read, and follow Him. Encouraging Mt Nebo to become and/or remain physically fit, Pastor Scott began a Fitness Challenge class where members could be trained to exercise appropriately. Pastor Damon Scott voluntarily resigned as Pastor of Mt Nebo Baptist church in November of 2014. May God bless him and continue to order his steps in future endeavors.

Mt. Nebo was again in transition but the Lord will never forsake his beloved chosen flock. Mt. Nebo is a time-tested congregation that wholly depends upon the goodness and gentle mercies of God in good times and difficult times. The Lord with His infinite mercy granted temporary of leadership of Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church to two courageous preachers: Reverend Elvis Netterville, Associate Minister of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, and Reverend Glenn Franklin. Each minister faithfully worked to nourish the church by preaching and teaching the word of God until the next under shepherd was called to lead. The church will forever be grateful for their faithfulness.

In early 2015 a pulpit committee of five members was chosen by Mt Nebo’s congregation to seek suitable pastoral candidates for the church to consider and vote in as the seventh under shepherd of Mt. Nebo M.B.C. The committee members were Deacon James Jackson I, Sister Juanita Hudson, Brother Jeffery Perkins, Brother Willie Griffith and Brother Joe Ledell. Seven applicants were accepted by the committee as suitable candidates for the senior pastoral position. All seven were asked to prepare and preach his first sermon before the church. Five were asked to prepare and preach a second sermon before the church. All five candidates delivered Godly, bible based, sermons which filled the church with the spirit of the living word and left many members in the church in a quandary. Which of the five ministers, who had shown such great command of God’s word, should be chosen to become the seventh Senior Pastor of Mt. Nebo M.B.C.? On March 12, 2016, fifteen days before Easter Sunday, a church meeting lead by Senior Deacon Jackson was convened to choose the next pastor of Mt. Nebo. Each of the final five candidates was asked to address the church one last time so that the membership could get a glimpse of its potential pastor in an informal, non-preaching setting.

After hearing from all five candidates, Deacon Jackson asked that a ballot vote be taken from all the church members present and absentee ballots from church members could not attend. All ballots were counted and verified. The majority of the congregation of Mt. Nebo M.B.C. voted for and God sent Reverend Mario A. Elcock to serve as Senior Pastor and the seventh under shepherd of Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church. This would be the first congregation Reverend Elcock had pastored. He and his wife, Reverend Lardie Elcock, had been members of Friendship Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Ronald Covington Sr. Pastor Covington and the Friendship Baptist Church congregation later worshipped with Mt. Nebo for the installation of Pastor Elcock. Pastor Covington brought the message.

On Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 Pastor Elcock and his wife Lardie Elcock entered the Mt. Nebo family as Pastor and First lady. Before Pastor Elcock preached his 1st sermon as Mt Nebo’s new pastor, he asked Sister Elcock to sing a song. She sang a powerful rendition of “I have decided to make Jesus my Choice”. That day the Lord added three new members to Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church family. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Elcock, eager to make Mt. Nebo more relevant to the local community, has a vision agenda called, “Victory on the Rise through a Spirit of Excellence”. Through it, Pastor Elcock envisions Mt. Nebo reaching out into the community and drawing lost souls to Christ Jesus. Within the first few months of pastoring Mt. Nebo Pastor Elcock organized teams of Mt. Nebo members to canvass the community with tracks and flyers to invite the neighborhood to join with Mt. Nebo and have a summer “Extravaganza”. The extravaganza would alert the community that Mt. Nebo is still alive and well after 94 years in Christ. The extravaganza included free haircuts, free health care screenings, free food, free clothes including backpacks for school attendees of all ages, basketball games, a bounce house for children, rides in real soap box derby cars, live music, and gift card giveaways to Target, and Walmart. The extravaganza touched hundreds of lives. The outreach initiative was a tremendous success. Pastor Elcock has shown a great appreciation for the youth of Mt. Nebo. He revived the Mt. Nebo Scholarship Program to provide funds to support college education. He has also revived the forth Sunday of month as youth Sunday. Rev. Elcock’s vision for Mt. Nebo also includes many other ministries including a security ministry, website, tape, nursing, and bus. Praise the Lord!